Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Getting that "look" in portraits

Making your images stand out from the average shots and invoke an emotion in eyes of the viewer is the ultimate aim that I set for in the post processing session. Normally, you would see these type of images in magazines or wedding concepts but I see no reason why these techniques cannot be tried on portraits.

Here are five different looks of the same image each conveying something different...

Here is the original image :

Here are some variations on that image

1) Black and White : This is a classic step. Couples love it. It adds that nostalgic feel to any image especially portraits. From unlimited ways in which black and white can be presented, I have developed two samples for you. First, is a high contrast image that gives a rustic feel and second is a softened image giving a more classical feel to it

2) Sepia Tone : I personally love what sepia tone can do to your images. It adds a richness to the image. I especially love to try out few sepia combinations in addition to the black and whites

3) Toned down : Here I try to get the image to look like it has been washed out. The muted colors invoke a different kind of experience filled with nostalgia